Friday, November 25, 2005

Sucks and Shame

What better way to conduct yourself after Thanksgiving dinner than to go with your sister and cousin to a bar and chase sluts? Thats exactly what I did...well, the chasing sluts part, as usual, happens after many bottles and glasses of alcohol. The particular hoochie I picked up was tall, large, big breasts, not so good looking, etc. She had also previously fucked my cousin only nights ago, who had only been in town from Michigan for the Holiday for 8 days or so. Thats okay for me; I haven't been laid in months.

I started rubbing on her crotch in her truck. She decided we needed a six pack before we headed back to the shack. I paid for that. Then I rubbed on her big breasts as she drove. I remember her saying something about wanting to suck some dick. Then she decided that we just had to go to Waffle House to eat. I wasn't so excited about that. Some big black boys were there. Eventually she went over to talk to them as we waited for the food. She said she was going to pick up some weed for us. She went with one of the black guys, but got her meal in before she left. She left, and I never saw her again. I had to fit the bill, and she took the six pack as well!

Three in the morning, calling my sister for a ride.


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