Tuesday, November 29, 2005

My Buddy Carl

For nights and nights and nights he would just sit there and look on the internet and see all these other people going out and having a good time and taking pictures and was jealous but at the same time he didn’t want to go no he didn’t cause he never had fun it was always the same and he had grown quite unfound to people in general. Rarely did you meet anyone that was not giving you the act. He’d figured out that people giving you the act didn’t want to talk to you to begin with by catching himself giving the act to other people sometimes. Then he realized he gave the act to people that he didn’t want anything to do with, and eventually put two and two together and realized that people that gave him the act felt the same. So that was kinda sad but really he didn’t think of none of this much, but it was a thought. At most it could merely build on past disappointments. He just didn’t realize that he hadn’t kept track, or couldn’t.


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