Monday, November 28, 2005


Well, you take a day off from entertaining the cyber folk and you get a big link from a big blogger.

Now unlike Tony, I'm not necessarily an everday poster. Not right now, anyways. You see, I haven't completely broken away from the "professional" world of journalism and commentary because outside of this sphere, in that Sorry State they sometimes call the Real World (I prefer to call it The Actor's Guild), I have to perform everyday. Nevermind what I'm doing there; though a professional journalist/commentator, I assure you that my current "Real World" job favors acting much more than it favors journalism.

But isn't it funny? How the Real World is so fake and how this Internet Reality is so much more true? You hear people talk about how Blogging is for Losers and for people with No Life. I argue that such a reality--an electronic Daydream--is much more healthy and potentially Non-Fictitious than the Post Industrial Age is and has been, at least in many scenes and situations.

You know what I mean.

But Real World Jobs aren't for the Holidays. I'm in the Windy City. Think Breakfast At Tiffany's. Why? Because Sunday I spent the night banging out my boss, a 40ish beauty who I run errands for (I'm a delivery man of sorts) who pays into the thousands for easy jobs and still lets me cum when I come. Well, actually I'm worn out and come to think of it feel more like a prostitute as a matter of fact but she is a sex fiend and bisexual and has a steady girlfriend and you know what that means, she has toys and needs it all. So I'm empty.

I'm also drunk, and consider this one a "travel day," but I had to chime in and give props to you busbloggers.

UPDATE: If I could have made it to the Buzznet meetup (I don't have my own account but I plan on doing that soon), I would have been in the mood for some Stones, and this never disappoints.


Blogger CT said...

Nick hey thanks for linking me man, I added you to my roll also, But is there any way you could put my site instead if my profile page?


5:39 PM  
Blogger Nick Watts said...

sorry g

problem fixed

7:50 PM  

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